SANA has acquired a sales agency for North African countries from Agro Asia for the marketing of Massey Ferguson tractors, as Agro Asia obtained the selling rights from the English company, Massey Ferguson.

Thus, SANA is the only partner of Agro Asia in the North African region.

Sana Supplies Company was established in 2003 and is considered one of the companies working in the field of general and diversified supplies, as it had an active role in supplying many medical, industrial, school and university equipment, transportation equipment and others.

It was also instrumental in equipping medical, educational, and government facilities.

These projects were launched in terms of supply and equipment in the State of Libya since 2004 and until today.

Among these projects, entrusted to SANA Company, for example, in the field of medical preparations:

  • Equipment of Al Maya Polyclinic in Al Maya Municipality (complete medical furniture).
  • Equipping the dental clinic complex in Tajoura (supplying 12 dental chairs – preparing the building with integrated medical furniture).
  • Bin Jawad Hospital equipped (fully equipped, with a capacity of 120 beds).
  • Equipping Al-Asaba Hospital in Al-Asaba municipality (fully equipping the hospital).
  • Equipment of Badak General Hospital in the municipality of Badak (equipment of 2 operating rooms + 10 beds of intensive care room + equipment test the tests).
  • Equipment of Ghat Hospital in Ghat Municipality (complete medical furniture with a capacity of 90 beds).
  • Equipment of Murzuq Teaching Hospital (complete medical furniture with a capacity of 65 beds).

As for the preparations for the administrative buildings:

  • Equipping the administrative building for the Libya Africa Investment Portfolio.
  • Equipment of Libya Africa Contracting Company.
  • Providing the dormitory for Maitika female students at Sebha University.
  • Equipping the Soukra Local Council of Sebha Municipality
  • Equipment of the Faculty of Dentistry – Sebha University.

With regard to industrial equipment:

  • Supply of 3 trucks for suctioning black water wells for the International Organization for Migration.
  • Supply of 2 trucks of sanitary ducts for the International Organization for Migration.
  • Supply of 3 cars with a capacity of 14 passengers to transport citizens to the International Organization for Migration.

Through this diversity of supplies and the view of Sana Company for more diversity in terms of supplies, which prompted our company to diversify its activities until we reached, thank God, the supply of agricultural products and then marketing.

Consequently, Sana Supplies Company has supplied Massey Ferguson agricultural tractors to the Libyan and Egyptian markets, which are considered among the finest and most powerful types of agricultural tractors in terms of quality, lack of breakdowns and efficiency.

This type of agricultural tractor has been very successful in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, and is considered one of the best sellers around the world.

Also, through our activity in the supply of agricultural equipment, the Sana company resorted to the activity of supplying and marketing agricultural fertilizers, and we always strive to be one of the first international companies that are characterized by the work of public supplies.